THE STRATEGIC DESIGN of each 60 sec. moment:

     60   Seconds of candid interaction with
   100  Statements of principle from 7 democrats & 7 republicans
      =   Statistical verification of where we agree.​           Of... 

Say what you think. 

But there is a way to break through.  It's arduous and deliberate and painstaking.  But it will work, because it will happen from the inside, out.

Reams of behavior- and attitude-change research address exactly the dilemma in which we find ourselves. Put simply, release from what is called group-think is possible when individuals have access to a "safe" space that nurtures clarity of thought even as it reaffirms personal integrity and core beliefs.  Once revived, those considered convictions must then be discretely and respectfully shared within and then among the estranged groups and so, begin to restore community.​ 


​​U S Principle #23

"If you cannot afford to leave the public housing project, you are not free. If you do not know how to find a job and do not know how to create a job, you are not free. If you cannot find a place that will educate you, you are not free. If you are afraid to walk to the store because you could get killed, you are not free."


Our government and media have adjusted to the new reality.   And no one is budging till some superhero from the outside either scales the wall or tears it down.  Good luck with that!    

Elizabeth McClancy.  Director, US Principles Initiative

America's political camps are hunkered down behind barricades 10 stories high and climbing.



How can we possibly stop this RANCOR?!

            Read the following Statement of  Principle.

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US Principles is a series of 60-second, online encounters with statements of principle about what America should be.   Over 100 quotations have been garnered from 14 contemporary political leaders (7 Republicans; 7 Democrats).  As illustrated in the sample encounter below, the user proceeds through four simple steps:

  1. Consider a Statement of Principle.
  2. Share their candid perspective.
  3. ​Click on the EPIPHANY button to reveal the political opinion leader who said it.
  4. ​Access real-time statistics indicating the degree to which there is (or is not) agreement across the political spectrum.

US Principles is strategically designed to create that series of spaces – first, as a sequence of one-minute individual encounters, then as a small-group, community curriculum.  A substantive space that allows all of US at the table–but without confrontation.  To start to discover that we agree.​      Join us.